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Make Roads Safe Hellas - Brochure

Download Make Roads Safe Hellas new brochure







Make Roads Safe - Time for Action

The new Make Roads Safe report calls for the automobile industry to play a leading role in promoting the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety with an ‘opt out’ consumers’ contribution added to the sale price of each new car in order to fund road injury prevention programmes.

Release date: April 2011

Download Make Roads Safe - Time for Action (PDF - 11.3mb) >


UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

The UN will launch a Decade of Action for road safety in 2011. This booklet explains what is at stake and why the international community must move from words to practical action.

Release date: April 2010

Download UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 (PDF - 1mb) >


Road Traffic Injuries: 
the hidden development crisis

This new report by UN development expert Dr Kevin Watkins launched in Moscow by the Make Roads Safe campaign describes road crashes as “a one way ticket into poverty” for many in the developing world.  The report shows how the mounting toll of death and injury is also placing an intolerable burden on health systems.

Release date: November 2009

Download Road Traffic Injuries: the hidden development crisis (PDF - 1.3mb) >


Make Roads Safe report: 
A Decade of Action for Road Safety

Our new Make Roads Safe report calls for a UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Release date: May 2009

Download Make Roads Safe report 'Decade of Action' - En (PDF - 4.5mb) >

Also, download the Executive Summary of the report:

Download Executive Summary - En (PDF - 1mb) >


Make Roads Safe report:
A New Priority for Sustainable Development

Read the Make Roads Safe report demanding urgent action by the international community to tackle global road deaths.

Release date: June 2006

Download Make Roads Safe - En (PDF - 3mb) >


Decade of Action

Read about our Call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Release date: February 2009.

Download Decade of Action booklet (PDF - 1mb) >


The Campaign for Global Road Safety

This booklet features campaign endorsements from a wide range of US organisations concerned about global road safety.

Release date: October 2008.

Download The Campaign for Global Road Safety (PDF - 3mb) >