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Make Roads Safe Hellas

Make Roads Safe Hellas is a new non-profit organization founded in 2010, after a very successful road safety conference held in Chania, in October 2008.

As a supporter of the International Campaign Make Roads Safe, the aim of the organization is to ensure political commitment and awareness of the magnitude of the problem of injuries from traffic accidents and the promotion of road safety issues as critical for sustainable development.



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The Make Roads Safe campaign is a broad-based coalition, including public health bodies, motoring organisations, road safety NGOs and international organisations. The campaign is also proud to have the support of more than a million individuals around the world, who have signed our petition and/or our Call to Action.

The campaign exists to advocate for the policy recommendations of the Commission for Global Road Safety and the 2004 World Report on road traffic injury prevention.

The campaign is coordinated and funded by the FIA Foundation , a UK registered charity (No: 1088670) working on international road safety. The campaign does not fundraise and there is no fee to join the coalition. All coalition partners have committed to raising awareness about the policy objectives of the Make Roads Safe campaign. Some of these organisations listed also contribute their own financial and/or human resources to support national traffic safety activities in support of the campaign.


Michelle Yeoh is the Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign.

One of Asia's most versatile leading actors, Michelle has starred in global hits such as the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, Sunshine, Mummy 3 and Babylon AD.

In her role as Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign, she advocates for road injury to be recognised as a global public health and development priority.

Michelle is now leading the campaign's Call for a Decade of Action ahead of the first UN Conference on road safety, in November 2009.

The Commission for Global Road Safety

The Commission for Global Road Safety, led by Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, was established by the FIA Foundation with a remit to examine the framework for, and level of, international cooperation on road safety, and to make policy recommendations.

The members of the Commission serve in a personal capacity and have been chosen for their particular knowledge and expertise in road safety and related issues. Each has an extremely distinguished record of achievement in his or her field of work. Commissioner serves from each of the Group of Eight (G8) countries and from each of the World regions, bringing varied perspectives to the table.

The Commission published its first report ‘Make Roads Safe: a new priority for sustainable development’ in June 2006. The report took the WHO/World Bank World Report on road traffic injury prevention, published in 2004, as its policy basis and examines ways in which the international community could be encouraged to raise its commitment and funding to global road safety in order to implement the recommendations of the World Report. Since publication, the Commission’s Make Roads Safe report has been widely welcomed across the world as an important contribution to raising the profile of global road traffic injuries. One of its key recommendations, for a first ever Ministerial-level global conference on road safety, was subsequently adopted by the UN General Assembly. Memebers of the Commission:

Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Ms Tayce Wakefield
Ms Karla Gonzalez
Professor Gérard Saillant
Mr Michael Schumacher
Mr Rohit Baluja
Mr Rosario Alessi
Mr Shoshi Arakawa
Mr David Njoroge
HE Fuad Al Hinai
Mr Victor Kiryanov
Dr John Llewellyn
Hon. Norman Mineta
Professor Claes Tingvall


Member of the European Road Safety Charter

Μake Roads Safe Hellas is member of the European Road Safety Charter since 2011. The European Road Safety Charter is a European participatory platform made up of enterprises, associations, research institutions and public authorities. These actors undertake to carry out concrete actions and share their good practices in order to resolve the road safety problems that they encounter in their day-to-day environments. The objective of the Charter is to help reduce road fatalities. The Charter has more than 2.000 signatories.


Member of the EuroRAP (European Road Assessment Programme)

Since 2013, MRSH is member of EuroRAP and the same year won the EuroRAP award for special contribution, withing the framework of the SENSOR project.

EuroRAP is an International Non Profit Association,registered in Brusells, in 2002. The main purpose of the Associatio is the promotion of the improvement of road safety and the quality of roads.

The main activities of the Association are to:

  • promote the independent safety and quality assessment of roads used by the public;
  • carry out, or procure, research into all factors affecting the safe use of roads use by the public and their quality;
  • promote and encourage the safe use of roads used by the public by all classes of road users through the circulation of advice, information and knowledge gained from research;
  • conceive, develop and encourage programmes and courses of action designed to improve road safety and road quality; these to include the carrying out of projects or programmes intended to educate children, consumers, professionals or others in quality assurance and the safe use of public and other roads;
  • carry out scientific research and development of objective evaluation techniques of road assessment;
  • co-ordinate and provide a forum for the development of European activities on road assessment; and
  • provide information relating to the activities of the Association to the members and generally co-operate with the members in order to strengthen the forefront position of the latter in the field of road safety and quality improvement within their respective areas of activities.

For more information about EuroRAP click here



Member of the EASST (Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport)

Sinc 2015, MRSH is a member of EASST,an independent UK-registered charity whose mission is to save lives and prevent injuries by making road transport safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations.Since its establishment in 2009-10, EASST has built a vibrant network of NGOs across Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia - contributing to significant reforms in the region and to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

The charity objectives are promotion of public safety and public health for the protection and preservation of human life:

1. Promoting research and providing information on road safety and sustainable transport

2. Promoting the improvement of national road safety councils and facilitating the establishment of new councils.

3. Promoting and assisting cooperation between road safety councils and/or other organisations working to promote safe roads and sustainable transport for all road users.

4. Promoting improvement in the safety of motor sport and links to the promotion of safe driving.

5. Co-operating with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities, particularly in EASST partner countries, who are working towards the same aims.

For more information about EASST click here